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Okay, I decided to make Yet Another Stupid Blog Attempt. I named this growls, because wolves don't grunt. I'm doing this partially because I want a sounding board for my thoughts and partially because I am told by people I trust that writing will be cathartic against my raging emotions.

Perhaps you want a list.

nameor description
metaMeta stuff about this.
adobeI hate you, adobe.
wolveslycanthrope at your service.
motionemotions in motion
retardedtwitter is making us stupid
tokenstex > html
iPadnot as useless as you think
windows 98why some of my shiny isn't mine
vimmodal editors save time and money
sunaclewhy sun lost my respect
the cloudall glory to the mainframe
dirty popwhen is it gonna fade out?
privacywhat happens in toilet, stays in toilet
droiiiiidwinners don't use android by choice
applehate the company, love the product
fplflorida piss and light, co.
registrythe one good thing ms made
javapublic private static const final Integer Java extends Rage
sun4uthis sun's 4 u
little thingsthe little things kill me.